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WorkLynx specializes in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of white-collar, technical and program management organizations. We deliver significantly enhanced manpower planning, work management, and mission execution. WorkLynx optimizes performance for both on-site and off-site personnel. Our sole purpose is to harness the full potential of the organization and concentrate it on the right priorities at the right time, all the time. WorkLynx is a division of Centris.


Why WorkLynx™?

For our Military and Government clients who are dissatisfied with current white-collar manpower planning or resource optimization capabilities, WorkLynxTM is a new approach that improves both.

It’s hard to believe, but white-collar manpower planning and work management practices have remained pretty much the same over the last 40 years. Unfortunately, work hasn’t. The variation in volume, mix, and demand in white-collar areas have changed dramatically. Combine this with the high number of personnel moves and reorganizations make it is easy to see why white-collar initiatives often fail to deliver required outcomes.


What It Does

WorkLynx™ fixes this. It is an easy-to-use methodology designed for today’s requirements that link highly effective manpower planning methodologies with exceptional work management capabilities. WorkLynx™ is flexible, scalable, and can be deployed in multiple ways to meet your specific requirements. It drives increased efficiency and provides significantly greater organizational effectiveness. As a result, WorkLynx™ pays for itself many times over


Consider WorkLynx™ when
there is a compelling need to:


♦  Improve allocation of manpower to mission critical work

♦  Establish and maintain correct white-collar staffing levels

♦  Improve work management and performance capabilities both on-site and off-site

♦  Improve workload distribution and skills deployment

♦  Increase efficiency and improve cost performance

♦  Conduct “What If” analyses to plan for changes in work volume, mix, demand, & skills

♦  Make a sound, defensible business case for personnel requests

♦  Support organization realignments and transitions

♦  Identify strategic work, positions, skills and related strategies

♦  Improve visibility and situational awareness

♦  Significantly improved reporting and metrics

♦  Manage more proactively vs. reactively

Consider WorkLynx™ when
there is a compelling need to avoid:


♦  The impact of attrition or the loss of critical skills

♦  Misaligned or under-utilized personnel and skills

♦  Delays, bottlenecks, execution and customer service issues

♦  Cost imbalances or trends

♦  Suboptimal communication, coordination, or cooperation

♦  Significant work imbalances and poor work distribution capabilities

♦  High skilled personnel working on lower skilled activities

♦  Misaligned functions and activities that do not support the mission

♦  Duplicative, non-value added work and wasted time

♦  Surprises, blind spots and firefighting

♦  Inability to plan transitions and retain critical knowledge

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Contact us for a complementary 2-hour consultation regarding your situation. We are happy to share our insights with you and provide a documented overview of our assessment.

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